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Village Green

What's the Village Green?

An outdoor venue with green and a bandstand, the Village Green is Ripon's central gathering spot – home to the Ripon Summer Concert Series. Special events, including Ripon's Memorial Day Celebration, along with winter ice-skating, are also staged at the Village Green – bringing community members and visitors together to enjoy, revere and gather throughout the year.

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The Gathering Space - Village Green Beautification Program

You’ve been a part of Ripon’s unique past and present, now this is your opportunity to be a part of its future. Ripon Main Street, Inc. is finalizing plans to construct the Gathering Space at the Village Green this summer. This is quite possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity to establish this permanent fixture which lies in the heart of historic downtown Ripon, but your help is needed.

The improvements planned for the Village Green will beautify the expanded west side of the park which was recently acquired by Main Street. The project will add new park benches, tables & umbrellas, flower planters, festive lighting, electrical upgrades, and landscaping upgrades. The focal point of the project will be the addition of a 20' x 60' pergola in the center of the Green. The Pergola will be surrounded by a large ADA accessible concrete gathering space.

Beautification amenities vary in price from $100 to $50,000, so no matter what your budget is, you can leave a lasting legacy. Your support will showcase your pride and support for our community, helping to elevate the image and atmosphere of the Village Green for generations to come.

Don’t delay; Click here to download the Sponsor Form, or call the Ripon Main Street office at 920-748-7466 to reserve your place in history!

Village Green Commemorative Brick Program

A limited number of Gift Bricks® are available for purchase. By ordering a personalized brick, you hvae an opportunity to commemorate your family, remember a loved one, honor a friend or promote your business. The bricks will be added to the east side path leading to the Bandstand, as well as new entrances that will be installed along the north and west side of the Village Green. The custom engraving process allows individuals to create a special message on a 4” x 8” brick. The engraving is filled with black epoxy to make the message more noticeable. Deadline: May 1st for bricks installed by Labor Day.
Download Order Form


June through August

The Ripon Summer Concert Series creates an opportunity that allows us to enjoy the beautiful Wisconsin summer evenings with the companionship of family and friends. Week after week, we are treated to an outstanding line-up of Blues, Rock, Country and other music styles in a quaint outdoor setting.

Depending on the weather and the artists strength of appeal, anywhere from 500 to 2,500+ visitors may be in attendance on any given evening. Over 10,000 guests take part in the series over the course of the summer. The park opens at 6:00 pm on most Friday nights. Music generally starts at 7:00 pm but never runs past 11:00 pm.

Downtown Ripon eateries and pubs bustle with activity before and after the event so come early, stay late, or both!! On occasion, community organizations serve food, typically brats and burgers but occasionally dessert items, as fund raisers for their groups.

Visit the Ripon Summer Concert Series website for additional information.


Ice skating is a longstanding winter tradition, and one of the few things that can lure Riponites from our cozy homes. Whether you are a novice or pro, getting out for at least one skate per season is a must. Bring the kids, a date, or meet a group of friends down at the Village Green and make magical memories that will be cherish for years to come.

While winter officially begins December 21st, please remember that Mother Nature decides when these outdoor activities can start. To prepare the rink for skating, volunteers need two to four weeks of below-freezing temperatures to adequately develop ice. Keep up to date on outdoor ice skating conditions by joining our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/riponwisconsin.


The Ripon Summer Concert Series is operated by Village Green Inc., a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to organize year-round family activities at the Village Green. The members of Village Green Inc. consist of a small group of volunteers. Contact the Ripon Main Street office if you are interested in getting involved with a Village Green activity. Ripon Main Street, Inc. is hired annually to coordinate the involvement of various volunteer organizations to help with concessions and other event activities.

Ripon Main Street, Inc. underwrites the events that take place on the Village Green. In terms of the concert series, the risk associated with scheduling the entertainment rests solely with Ripon Main Street, Inc. The old saying "when it rains, it pours" really applies to the concert series. Bands are paid "rain or shine" so unfavorable weather conditions can really put a damper on future activity at the Village Green. To minimize the problem, cost of the entertainment is covered in part by the generous sponsorships we receive (see sponsor listing) and a portion of the concession proceeds. Any surplus is generally invested in the following years entertainment budget or used to help cover the previous years shortfall.


The Ripon Summer Concert Series has become a Celebration of The Quality of Life we enjoy here in Historic Ripon, Wisconsin. Our community has had these types of activities going as far back as 1919 (see photo above). Since 1993, Ripon Main Street, Inc. has organized the weekly concerts which take place on Friday evenings at the Village Green. In addition to the concerts, the Village Green has blossomed into a gathering space for the community that supports numerous family activities including the Watson Street Farmers Market and the Village Green Ice Skating Rink.

New beautification improvements are being planned for the Village Green that will be implemented in the coming years. These improvements include additional park benches, landscaping, brick walk-ways and plaza, shelter with public restrooms. Click on the Village Green Beautification Project link below to see how you can help enhance the heart of our community.

Where is Ripon?

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